What types of dances do you offer?

We are a salsa and bachata dance nightclub, with two separate rooms, each offering dance lsssons and nightclub dancing. We specialize in salsa and bachata (and ocassionally Kizomba and Zouk).


Do I need a partner to attend the classes?

No, you do not need a partner to attend our classes. We rotate partners frequently during the lessons to ensure everyone has a chance to practice with someone.


What should I wear to the classes?

We recommend wearing comfortable clothing that allows you to move easily. For shoes, we suggest wearing shoes with a smooth, non-sticky sole that won't stick to the dance floor.


What is the cost of your beginner dance lessons?

Our beginner dance lessons start at $15 per class, with discounted rates available if you purchase multiple classes or a package deal.


Can I drop in for any class or the club, or do I need to sign up in advance?

You never *need* to get tickets in advance. There are alway tickets available at the door. However, you can save money by buying tickets in advance (on eventbrite - links on this website) You can always drop in for a class too (before the club).

Do you have Live Bands?

Yes, but usually ony for special events, holidays (like Halloween / Valentines) and you should always refer to the schedule (on Eventbrite) for the latest details. 

We'd love to celebrate YOUR Birthday!

Just contact us! We have a deal for you, and your friends, and we DO allow cakes to be brought in (and even a location by the bar for your special event).  

While we do not regularly do birthday dances per se, you can always request your favorite song from the DJ!

We want to host your corporate / company events and parties!

Yes! We work with plenty of large and small companies to provide a great night out for your employees, or a great location to throw your company event.

Are there any age restrictions for the club & classes?

Yes, we are a nightclub, and required you to be 21+ and with ID. There are no exceptions. We need actual valid ID.

Where do I park?

We fully reccomend rideshare / taxi to our location (and anywhere around San Francisco). There is also a good deal of free street paring around the club.

Do you have a full bar, coat check?

Yes! We have both.  Please use them! :).  

In and Out privileges?

Please be aware, the club does not have in and out privelieges. Once you're in, you're in. We DO have an outside deck (for relaxing and smoking)!

Want to Perform at the Club?

There's simply no larger crowd, bettter dance floor, or amazing performance space anywhere in the Bay Area, than Dance Fridays. Yes! We'd love to have you - just contact us to schedule (practice teams, performance teams, etc ...).